Plastic Section 2018 : Pok, Put, Chigusa and Ben

พลาสติก เซ็กชัน

Initially a solo project by Australian musician Ben Edwards, Plastic Section developed into a three-piece band around the time of the release of their first, self-titled album in early 2013. The band takes their musical influences mostly from the strange, exciting and raw roots of rock ‘n’ rhythm ‘n’ blues, and creates something new from those earth-quaking foundations.

The songs are written by Ben, with the musical arrangements bashed out by the band in Put’s garage. Ben’s lyrics reflect the chaos, surrealism, cynicism and occasional hope of the modern world – specifically the world of Bangkok as seen through the eyes of an Australian artist.

The uniqueness of Plastic Section’s sound comes party through the combination of an Australian rocker with Thai musicians Pok and Put, both of whom are well-known pioneers of the Thai indie music scene. Pok and Put are diverse musicians who play in a variety of different instruments in many different bands.

Plastic Section aren’t interested in the latest musical trends or fashions. They are interested in art, punk spirit, DIY and real rock ‘n’ roll.