Aerolips are synth-pop duo. Formed in 2010 by U-krist Sirichana (producer of dream-pop band “Slow Reverse”) and Darunee Janjan Suepongsa.

     They first appeared on 2011 “Kitsch Cat #2”, electronic music compilation, with their first single “Make Believe”. The single received many positive reviews from critics and fans. It has reached high position on many radio station in Thailand.

The album’s brightest moments lie in the tracks by the label’s newcomers such as the homegrown Aerolips…

Chanun Poomsawai – Bangkok Post’s review on Kitsch Cat #2 compilation (February 12, 2012)

     After their first single, they have been recording and performing live concert in many music festivals. They released mini-album in 2012, collaborated with graphic designer "MAMAFAKA" for the album cover. The album also includes one remix song by Cyndi Seui.

     Their debut album “Control” was released in December 2013. It was a combination of sweet and playful female vocals, a blending of vintage synthesizers and modern electronic keyboards, all together riding smoothly on energetic disco beats. Their music has simple melodies but captivating and well structured, The album is a perfect companion for lively activities from casual driving to nightclubbing.

     Apart from Aerolips band, U-krist is also a songwriter, producer and co-founder at Colorcode record label and Janjan is an illustrator and a fashion model.