Slow Reverse are

U-Krist 'Uze' Sirichana

Srivara 'Oil' Arayawongkul

Kasawan 'Pang' Kungvalpivat

Pim-Uma 'Chompoo' Sirayanyong

     Slow Reverse is Bangkok-based dreamy synth-pop band formed in 2006. Their sounds are based on beautiful melodic guitars, vintage analogue synthesizers and a lovely percussive sound of vibraphone.


     Their first self-titled album, Slow Reverse, was released in September 2009 and received many positive review. Thier first single "Moving" was peaked at #2 on radio chart. Magazine called them Bangkok's favourite indie band.


     In 2012 they followed their success with the remixes album, Illumination, collaborated with many music artists and video directors from Bangkok to Tokyo. This release includes 11 new remixes with 12 new video on CD and 5.1 surround sound DVD


     Currently they're working on their new album, expected to be released in 2017



2009 / Slow Reverse (CD)

2012 / Illumination (CD + DVD)

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