I See the Eyes

New single from Basement Tape

Feb 7, 2016

Raising to top 10 of indie music chart in Thailand this week, I See the Eyes is the perfect blend of beautiful Thai lyrics

with energetic surf-rock vibe. The song was taken from the new album of Basement Tape,

a retro-rock band consists of members from Bangkok and Australia.

The new album, titled "II", was released in 2015 on CD and limited edition vinyl.

     This could be the most interesting album of Bangkok in 2015. The album was recommended by BK Magazine in Top 5 Albums of BK Music Awards 2015, stating it was like "some psychedelic soundtrack to deep space exploration".

     Wednesday is a solo project of Put Suksriwan, a multi-instrumentalist that involves in many Thai music acts such as our own Basement Tape and Plastic Section.

     Lazarus is the second album that filled with vast range of different sounds and beat that could be fitted in a category of "Big Noise Electro Shoegaze".



CRC 010

Compact Disc


New Releases

New Releases


Vallsundet 1924

CRC 008

Compact Disc


     Wilderness is an indie-pop band, based in the capital Stockholm, Sweden, with both male and female members.

     The album is a mix of both classic pop songs mixed with instrumental songs with balearic influences.

A lot of Inspiration comes from UK in the 1980s with chorused guitars and synthesizers, some Fender VI and the state of hope combined with hopelessness.

     Check out their first single below.

Plastic Section

Combination Special

CRC 007

Compact Disc


     Combination Special is quite special indeed. This album marked the joining of 3 most influential Thai-indie artists, Ben Edwards (Basement Tape's front man), Pok Wannarit Pongprayoon (electronic music pioneer, founder of Panda Records) and Put Suksriwan (Wednesday)

     Started as a solo project of Ben Edwards, Plastic Section has been teamed up with 2 more members and a few months ago they pumped it up with new japanese bassist Chigusa Tomita.

     The album has recorded and mixed like we're in the middle of their live show. You really should see them live if you have a chance. Check out the crazy show when they performed at Sofar Sound Anniversary on October 10th, 2015.

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